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What Is Canto?

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Canto is a community platform that uses Token to stimulate audio content creation and audio data sharing. The platform is jointly owned by creators, builders, and users, and is designed to disrupt centralized music intermediaries through DAO community governance, the use of Token, and decentralized technology.

At Canto, data is considered as a factor of production, and it is completely in the hands of the user. These data including, but not limited to, identity data, audio authoring, address interaction, assets, reputation, influence, etc., will be recorded in DID decentralized Identity (Decentralized IDentity) addresses. 

The community supports and encourages creators to protect their copyright. Music NFT
works issued through Canto personal ID address certification will prevent others from
publishing copyright-free NFT without the knowledge of the creators. This copyright-free
NFT has the potential to disrupt the audio community. 

Canto allows you to truly have your audience without the control, restrictions, and censorship of a centralized platform, and no one will be able to close your account. 

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Why Canto?

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Different from any audio NFT platform or audio sharing platform that are currently on the market, Canto’s advantage is its large user population and the utilization of blockchain technology, as one of the earliest web 3.0 communities in the music industry.

  • Competitive advantage against existing audio sharing platform
  • Safe and transparent
  • High productive efficiency for the audio creator
  • Fair competition for high-quality outcomes

Revolutionizing Music



In the last few decades, the IOT has taken off and completely transformed the digital landscape. The production and sharing of audio has seen massive transformation and endless possibilities open up. However, a majority of audio creators have not reaped any rewards. The income of audio creators depends heavily on the income systems of existing audio platforms. This is especially the case for Long Tail audio creators, who struggle to compete for copyright and Professional Generated Content (PGC).

In the future, there will only be growth in the music streaming industry. It is estimated that the market of music streaming will expand by another 50% by 2026 . The pandemic also provides a chance for the market size to increase. During the pandemic, the global music subscriber also increased to 26.4% . That means, there is a significant opportunity in this industry for us to capture.

Apart from music, there is also a significant transformation from radio to audio. A report by digital radio UK shows that there is a decline in people listening to the radio in the majority of countries in the world. Rather, it is estimated that there will be an increase in the number of listeners of shared audio on smart devices.




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