Welcome to Your OWN MUSIC WORLD

Canto is a community platform based on the Defi system and your unique Decentralized Identity. The platform is jointly owned by creators, builders, and users. Here, the users decide what music to produce and how can it be produced. 

Canto is a music world that belongs and only belongs to you.

What Is Canto Audio

Tokenized Audio Content sharing and Music Platform

Canto is a community platform that uses Token to stimulate audio content creation and
audio data sharing. The platform is jointly owned by creators, builders, and users, and is designed to disrupt centralized music intermediaries through DAO community governance, the use of Token, and decentralized technology.




Why Canto Audio

Different from any audio NFT platform or audio sharing platform that are currently on the market, Canto’s advantage is its large user population and the utilization of blockchain technology, as one of the earliest web 3.0 communities in the music industry.

Safer and more transparent
Decentralized identity enables users to share audio content without the need of a third party, therefore, it creates a safer and more transparent service for all members in Canto community
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Supporting audio creators
By removing the needs for the third party, Canto reduces the cost for Musicians to share their audio content, increasing the profit they gain each times.
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Fair competition for high-quality outcomes
As a Web 3.0 platform that is decentralized from the third party, the community itself will be defining high-quality audio contents, unlike any existing Web 2.0 music platforms
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Our Team

 "The whole is other than the sum of the parts."

Kurt Koffka


Canto Partner

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Canto Partner

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Latest News

Canto, an open & autonomous Web3.0 music streaming platform, is where post-00s musicians started

Canto, an open & autonomous Web3.0 music streaming platform, is where post-00s musicians started

According to the 2021 Global Music Report released by the International Phonographic Institute (IFPI), the global recorded music industry will generate total revenue of $21.6 billion in 2020. Among them, the revenue of digital streaming media has increased year by year, which has become the driving force for the growth of the overall recorded music […]

Music Metaverse

Music Metaverse

Canto will provide users with mobile terminal APP and PC web version Web 3.0application entrance, unlike the current Internet products, Canto will create DIDdecentralized identity (Decentralized IDentity), each user’s identity is not controlled by atrusted third party, but by the platform creator, individuals can manage their own identity.Identity-related data is anchored to the blockchain, and […]

Your Own Music!

Your Own Music!

It uses Token to encourage audio content creation, data sharing, and is oriented to the global post-00s. Through DAO independent community governance, it is jointly owned by creators, builders, and users. It aims to allow users who love music and use centralized music apps to easily enter the Metaverse.

Get your Rewards

In order to promote the match between "audio creation" and "creation income" to achieve incentive compatibility, users who create high-quality audio content will get corresponding DIO(Music Token) as a reward. The listeners will also be awarded for supporting the musicians as a part of the community.

Audio Communicators

  • Those who share high quality audio content, and indirectly improve the influence of the creators, will get corresponding DIOs as a reward. The system will check the audio through clicks and indirect listening data as a reward conversion base, evaluating their achievements on our platform. In this way, Canto wants to guarantee that every effort of audio communicators are worthy.


  • In the Canto community, the quality of the audio content is evaluated by the users. When users are enjoying the audio, they are actually contributing to the development of the Canto community and the selection of high-quality audio content. Becoming a deep user of the Canto community will also help to the influence of the Canto community. Thus, their listening time, comments, support and other operations should be rewarded through DIO. The coefficient of this reward depends more on the user's interactive behavior on the platform, users' listening habits, duration, correlation of listening category and the audio category are used as base.


  • For those audio content creators who have sufficient social influence (5000+ Followers), who settle in the Canto community, authorize their works in Canto, and create more excellent works in Canto, are beneficial for the Canto community and all users. That’s why the influencers should get corresponding rewards. We will take multidimensional data, such as their active level, working time, followers, and social evaluation as a reward conversion base.

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